Longevity, life expectancy and the spine

Longevity, life expectancy and the spine

Every man lives, develops and dies in the gravitational field of the Earth, which from the very first day has an impact on the formation of both the man and to certain of its individual qualities. Since the gravitational field accompanied by all previous generations, it led to form constructive solutions opornodvigatelnogo apparatus, features and safeguards of man who changed and perfected over millions of years and continue to change, be inherited.

We have no doubt that in the very near future we will have to plunge into the ocean phenomena and knowledge, which are a promising discovery and management capabilities of the force for the good of man. Even today, touching on this issue and saw the first practical results, we can boldly discuss the mysteries of life and death, to offer concrete solutions on the path to health and longevity.


The problem of increasing life expectancy is already worried about humanity in the distant past of the Old Testament and continues to excite his contemporaries. Literary sources offer us conflicting evidence on the duration of human life. Probably not the world a more intricate matter than the reliability of data on the maximum duration of human life on Earth. Avid for sensation, journalists often publish unverified data based on both personal speculation and rumors. At the same time, the maximum life span is known from a fairly reputable source - the International Institute for registering all existing global reach, "Now the limit of life expectancy is 120 years old, and no significant event celebrating 121 birthday" (Guinness Book of Records, 1989) . And it is not opening.
This fact was already known in antiquity. For example, in Chapter VI of the Old Testament, the Bible says: "... his days shall be one hundred twenty years." It was also noted in other ancient book - the Torah: "... his days shall be one hundred twenty years" (Byreyshit, 6.4). However, it was not always the case. Prior to the mankind has suffered punishment for their sins, according to the biblical texts first prophets lived hundreds of years (Adam - 930 years old, his grandchildren and great-grandchildren were also long-lived, Kenan - 910 years, the absolute bible survivor Methuselah - 969 years). At the same time, according to this source is not quite understandable reasons, the duration of life with each generation becoming shorter and shorter, Shem lived 600 years, his descendant Sala - 533 years, and has an indirect descendant - Serug lived "only" 230 years old. Details of this and other historical sources to reduce the length of human life from generation to generation are the same. Forecast life expectancy, it is unclear how the calculated thousands of years ago, in spite of the modern scientific and practical achievements in medicine, biology, physiology, genetics, gerontology, etc., either theoretically or practically can transcend contemporary age limit, which warned from time immemorial, our ancestors (though in the same Book of Records for the year 2000 marked a single case of female longevity - 124 years, but this is still an exception to the rule). And if the vast majority of people and questions the reliability of the biblical evidence of longevity, do not believe in the objectivity of the registration rate in the Guinness Book of Records is not necessary. Based on historical experience, we can assume that many of the fundamental knowledge about human capabilities, including longevity and, for unknown reasons were devalued and lost on the historical milestones of becoming of mankind, who advanced in those ancient times to the forefront of other priorities. We can not accept the idea that the ancient doctrine must be carefully analyzed and reanalyzed, and maybe, just restored in order to obtain useful information from them, and their investigation may be in the very near future make a significant practical contribution - in particular, to promote understanding and to achieve health and longevity.

There is reason to believe that a number of ancient teachings, which certainly applies to religion, contain a real and useful knowledge. In theory, most researchers believe that the extent of its development and improvement of mankind, and only to those engaged in that accumulating knowledge. In fact, it was not always quite so. Almost humanity saves only the knowledge that he needs at the moment, and then only for as long as they are needed. Know the facts of history, when even the greatest thinkers have neglected the opportunity to give to mankind the achievements of previous generations. So, once Aristotle had received from Alexander of Macedon five hundred talents of silver, - an enormous sum for those times. When I heard about it, it appealed to the delegation of the Egyptian priests with a proposal to purchase a number of miracles, which they carefully preserved in their temples. There is speculation that he was known for throwing technique in image space (the movie? Laser technology? Electricity?). Aristotle rejected this proposal, and the money squandered in magnificent feasts with many friends. Perhaps Aristotle was right. What's the difference if it's not lost in the temples of the Egyptians, and in its archives? It is unlikely that during the period of slave society that knowledge could serve at least for some kind of needs of slave owners. Such examples of history knows hundreds. This is the fate of a wealthy Alexandria (100 to 700 000 volumes) and Carthage (not less than 500,000 volumes) libraries, the destruction of all books of the Maya - an entire civilization. Or another example. Burmese Library holds ancient manuscripts, hundreds of thousands of packets of papyrus. Sure, it contains useful information from various areas of human life. However, due to complete loss of language skills of the people who tried to preserve for future generations of this information, this information does not have any practical value. Of course, nothing surprising here: the knowledge that society does not need at some stage of their development, will inevitably get lost, even if they are written on papyrus, stone tablets, clay tablets, which can store tens of centuries (modern media allow you to store unclaimed knowledge is not more than one hundred years). At the same time on the background of the general history of mankind as they, and other terms are negligible. And the problem of longevity? What kind of society feels the need for the patriarchs? I wonder how would our MPs have reacted if they discussed the law on that of his contemporaries who should be allowed and, of course, means that they can live 200, 300, 500 or more years longer.


new concept of longevity and health

When developing a new concept of longevity and health, we were guided by the following considerations, based on reliable facts, which are now no science, no experience is not denied:

  • none of the existing theories of aging and death (over 200!) is not a practical solution;
  • in the human body is not found the time counter, which measured out to those years and presaged their completion;
  • the human body as a material structure is completely updated continuously throughout life;
  • still no one has died of old age and cause of death has always been of the disease;
  • theoretically and practically every inhabitant of the planet is suffering from age-related changes in the spine, are expressed in the reduction of the height of the intervertebral discs, wedge-shaped deformation and flattening of the vertebral body, stiffness of the spine, and as a result of compression and conduction disturbance emanating from the spinal nerve wires going to the internal organs of the subsequent the growth of disorders of the organs and systems;
  • chiropractors in the works there have been numerous observations concerning the restoration of function of an organ due to the release of nerve trunks muffled in places out of their spine. (Perhaps not coincidentally experienced manual therapist believe that before you start taking drugs, it makes sense to think about, is not infringed if the nerve that goes to a particular entity, and not whether it should be free);
  • human body contains about 30% of the freely moving fluids (blood, lymph and interstitial fluid), which are under the constant influence of gravity tend to move into the lower parts of the body and there is stagnation, which leads to accumulation of metabolic products, depressing features of individual organs and systems, and the whole organism.


These and certain other conditions were the basis of this hypothesis, health and longevity. Devices have been created to facilitate the restoration of joint and ligaments of the spine. In the early stages of studying the problem, we have not changed our patients' lifestyle, work and rest, do not resort to any drugs, physical therapy procedures, etc. This allowed a more objective assessment of the results.

In the last years, experts are increasingly paying attention to the spine, which with age becomes more vulnerable. Thus, according to VS and NA Gaidenko Zagorsk, changes in the spine cause neurological changes are observed in 30-80% of ambulatory patients and healthy people aged 25-55 years and reach 90% of patients under treatment in hospitals. At the same time, physicians recorded only 1.3%! The conviction of the authors, this leads to the shortcomings of medical care. 


Scholars rightly argue that even from childhood and adolescence, even when asymptomatic disease, it manifests itself in violation of the internal organs and systems. According to statistics from the spine wear and aging faster than most systems that support vital functions of the body, and this is due to the fact that out of the spinal column, not only motor and sensory nerves. In the spinal cord lies the autonomic nervous system, which provides all the necessary conditions for self-renewal of the internal organs. That is why the processes occurring in the vertebral bodies, intervertebral discs, joint and ligaments, affect the condition of internal organs.

The man from the first days of life is exposed to gravity and is in addition to its source will start the changes of the spine. Already in the first months of life the spine undergoes changes under the influence of Earth's gravitational field. Spine - a complex mobile, relatively resistant to external influences the motor system, which provides support for the human body and protection for it located in the central nervous system. Through the bone and tissue channels by nerve agents is the relationship of spinal cord to the internal organs and the brain. Vessels pass through the channels of the spine are the vessels that provide meals both the spinal cord and nerve agents, which is why even small changes in the structure of this complex identified for the most serious attention. In humans, everything is interconnected and conditioned.


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