The growth in the past

The growth in the past

Recall the past when our ancestors lived like animals, hunted their own food, which is often located on high trees. In the latter cases, they looked up and felt sorry that they could not reach, which is not high.

And, although the average growth for all people at that time was 140-150 centimeters. It has been two hundred years we have grown by more than 20 centimeters.

However, the causes and consequences of this process is not yet fully clear. The last large-scale acceleration - a sharp increase in growth - there was a quarter of a century ago, mainly in Europe and the Americas. Parents were given only to marvel at their children, who
suddenly began to stretch vertically. This phenomenon is interested in an American university professor at Ohio State Richard Stekel, who gave many years of study.

To the surprise of the professor, the initial hypothesis that an increase in growth dictates the gene apparatus of man, was not confirmed. Of course, genes play a role in this process, but not exceptional. A major role is played by improving living conditions, in particular, good housing and food. And the more comfortable living in the country and better fed, the higher and the population.

It is most fully characterizes the growth of the nation's health, since it depends on key factors such as diet, state of the environment, opportunities to deliver medicine from disease. In other words, on the welfare of the people. So, by studying the official materials of the past
centuries, scientists have noticed that during the reign of the kings of reformers male population of Russia grew less tall.

If the beginning of Peter's reforms, average growth of adult males was 163 cm, after they fell by 2.5 centimeters. Then it rose slightly, but at the time of Catherine II, fell again by 4.5 centimeters. This is despite the fact that the minimal growth in the conscript army was 160 cm in height then gradually increased until the next reform. And the next global reform that changed the life of the country - the abolition of serfdom, Alexander II in 1861. Since the last quarter of the nineteenth century, and almost to the end of the average male height has decreased by 0.5 cm Accordingly, deteriorated, and other physiological parameters.

And then began what has happened before: the beginning of the twentieth century, the nation's health became stronger and the growth of women is gradually increasing. All the memorable period of acceleration, when the children were drawn up by leaps and bounds. It is not broke last reform - the transition to a market economy. At present, Russia is considered to be average height 176 cm men, women - 164.

All records beat the Netherlands: the average growth of young Dutch people - 183 centimeters. Them with a lag of one centimeter are Norwegians, Danes and Swedes. Here a direct relationship: the Scandinavian countries - the most prosperous in Europe for quality of life. And the food is tasty and nutritious - gluttony is not considered a great sin Scandinavians. Not that England and the United States, where fear of getting fat, and afraid because of food demand in the first rational content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, but not the taste
pleasure. However, in recent years related to the completeness of changes there, and therefore the food is delicious and varied. But while the average growth of British and American men's 178 centimeters, which is also quite a few.

Subsequent studies have yielded even more interesting results. As found Dr. Stekel, high growth in most cases, evidence and good health. And it can be considered as a sensation, since the dawn of the acceleration of physicians noted with dismay,
that smear up the younger generation health does not just different, grows weak and narrow shoulders. As you can see, over the next quarter of a century the situation changed. A study conducted in Norway showed that high yet, and live longer. This is especially noticeable in women. The statistics of deaths among women from 40 to 44 years and an increase from 145 to 149 centimeters is twice larger than that of their contemporaries increase from 165 to 169 centimeters. The same phenomenon in men. What was the reason - that question the science seeks to answer.


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