Factors affecting the growth of growth

Factors affecting the growth of growth

Growth is perhaps the most sensitive indicator of the health of the child. For normal growth of a child needs good nutrition, psihoemotsialnoe favorable environment, a normal hormonal balance and the absence of chronic diseases.

There are two things that can affect the growth of the child. These include family history and course of pregnancy, ie, the so-called genetic and intrauterine factors.

Genetic factors largely determine that the growth potential that the child can realize in adulthood. Growth rates of both parents are equally important for a growing child. In undersized parents are usually born stunted children. If growth is lower than the average of both parents, often the boys are growing even lower than the growth of his father, and girls - is lower than the growth of the mother. To genetic factors can be classified as a variety of hereditary diseases that appear stunted.

Intrauterine factors are also extremely important, since the most rapid growth occurs just during pregnancy. If during this period are damaging the placenta and thus disturbed nutrition of the fetus, the child may be born with a deficiency of growth and low birthweight. Beginning with the first year of life and to stop the growth of a leading role in the regulation of growth is the endocrine system. In addition to growth hormone, which is the main factor influencing the growth, are also important thyroid hormones and sex hormones.

Causes short stature:

1 The lack of growth hormone (GH);
2 Congenital GH deficiency;
3 Hereditary deficiency of GH;
4 Isolated GH deficiency;
5 Combined pituitary hormone deficiency;
6 Idiopathic GH deficiency;
7 Congenital GH deficiency due to fetal CNS;
8 Acquired GH deficiency;
9 Peripheral insensitivity to GR;
10 Hereditary syndromes and congenital malformations, combined with growth retardation;
11 Turner's Syndrome;
12 Noonan Syndrome;
13 Down Syndrome;
14 Prader-Willi syndrome;
15 Other syndromes (Aarskoga syndrome, Bloom syndrome, a syndrome of Cornelia de Lange syndrome Sekkelya);
16 Intrauterine growth retardation;
17 Fetal alcohol syndrome;
18 Silver-Russell syndrome;
19 Skeletal dysplasias;
20 Skeletal dysplasias with ukorocheniemkonechnostey ;
21 Skeletal dysplasias with ukorocheniemtulovischa;
22 mucopolysaccharidosis;
23 Stunting in hronicheskihzabolevaniyah;
24 Respiratory Diseases;
25 Diseases of the cardiovascular system;
26 Kidney;
27 Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
28 starvation;
29 Psychosocial short stature;
30 Endocrine Disorders;
31 Primary hypothyroidism;
32 Cushing;
33 Familial short stature;
34 Constitutional delay of sexual and physical development.


Factors positively influencing the increase in height

Good food. Some people believe that they are well fed, meaning that they are always quite expensive smoked sausage, caviar, fruit and vegetables on the table. This is the most common misconception. Under good nutrition means a balanced mix of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and not just as well (which is perhaps even more important), vitamins and minerals. Vitamins - is not only vitamin C and minerals Calcium is not only! Due to intensive farming wrong when a decade removed from the fields of EVERYTHING that has grown along with all the minerals from the soil and bring back into the soil only nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus,
disastrously impoverished soil. And the food produced from crops grown on " " poor soils, lack of vital minerals and trace elements.

When it comes to vitamins, the situation is not better. Vitamins are needed to man mainly for two important cases.

First - Vitamins are catalysts of metabolic processes in the body. Second - vitamins neutralize effects of exposure on the human body to environmental hazards. And if a hundred years ago a man had enough to eat vegetables and fruits, fish and meat to make up for vitamins, but now, due to environmental degradation, the need for vitamins to neutralize the effects on the body of harmful environmental factors, has increased dramatically. A number of vitamins derived from food has decreased dramatically for several reasons:

1 food intake decreased (before eating more to compensate for the large energy consumption for physical work);
2 now the food is refined, pasteurized, canned and m . etc. (For all these types of processing food vitamins are destroyed);
3 fruit and vegetables are now harvested unripe to increase shelf life (only in ripe fruits and vegetables the maximum amount of vitamins and some vitamins are only in very ripe fruit).

And there is widespread belief that vitamins can eat. In June, I eat strawberries pounds to stock up on vitamin C for the entire year. - Say very many and very wrong. Unfortunately, vitamin C does not accumulate in the body (as well as other vitamins, too) and after three or four hours is completely out of the body. According to this need to replenish vitamins every day throughout the year. With food this is not possible because of her poverty. But there is a way out! Vitamin and mineral supplements. You can use a different, expensive or cheap (you certainly know that expensive is better cheap), but if you are going to increase growth, it is necessary to use the best.

Exercise. As you rightly know, to increase the growth of a very important exercise. Horizontal bar, gym, jogging, etc. It is not necessary to achieve great sporting results, but the exercise should be required to increase the efficiency of growth.


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