Opportunities to increase growth

Opportunities to increase growth

In the desire to grow is no age group - anyone who wants to look slimmer, confident, highly can and should take advantage of our method . Of course, age plays a role: young people under 20 years 2 months may be added here in the growth of up to five centimeters, while people aged 30-40 years - only 1.5-2 cm.

Therefore, we developed a special technique for older people. It differs from the commonly used techniques we have an emphasis on longer stretching exercises, special fitness and exercise. But it should only be used if the main method does not give results.

Influence of various factors on the growth in different age groups show the following dependencies:

1 food;
2 sleep;
3 mode;
4 growth hormone;
5 Gymnastics;
6 stretching exercise;
7 Fitness
8 auditory training;
9 growth hormone.

At the age of 18-25 years, the influence of all factors are equally represented.

At older ages, of course, the increase in growth is mainly achieved by special exercises and lessons on simulators, which takes into account the increase in the method of growth for older people.

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