Specialist doctor about the possibilities of growth, growth areas, about nutrition

Specialist doctor about the possibilities of growth, growth areas, about nutrition

Modern science has evidence to suggest that it is sometimes possible to manage growth by creating a young man certain conditions. It is known that bone development is completed the disappearance of so-called germ zones. This is determined by X-ray. So that anyone visiting the X-ray room may know est.li his opportunity to grow up. If yes, then you can safely get to work.

We must know that favor the growth of a balanced diet, reduce the incidence of infectious diseases, special exercises, and disfavors severe mental and physical stress.

First, the food. The diet should be sufficient respectively age norm of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins. Who wants to grow up is recommended 3-4 times a day is, raw vegetables and fruits, for a total of about 1.5 pounds. Good growth factor-grains. Preference should be given to the black bread, a variety of porridges but manna. But do not overeat! To the minimum necessary to limit sweets, smoking and alcohol entirely.

Usually the completion of the growth of the young men is about 19 years old, the girls - at age 18. While there may be individual variations.

No doubt, Rustam Akhmetov growing zone were, and exercise dynamic and pulsating nature stimulated them. It helped mental attitude. Well stimulate employment growth sports games - basketball, volleyball, as well as massage, heat treatments, hardening.

I want to note that the program Rustam only by adolescents with good athletic training. And such people should increase the load very slowly. But too little load to be profitable.

According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, in order to achieve health effect physical exercise must meet four criteria: be at least three times a week and run for at least 35-45 minutes to engage in at least two thirds of the main muscle groups and performed with age-appropriate intensity.

Criterion of intensity - heart rate (HR), or simply pulse. Exercise should be at the heart rate that constitutes 65-85% of the maximum allowed for age. 5% - this is for beginners, 85% - for experienced athletes.

The maximum heart rate is determined by the formula: 220 minus the number of years during the course. If a young person, for example, 15 years old, max heart rate would be 220-15 = 205 beats per minute. 65% of it is about 130 beats per minute s, and 85% - 175 beats per minute.

AF bruises, PhD, Senior Lecturer, Department of Sports Medicine

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