The pharmacological method of increasing growth. Hormones, hormones

The pharmacological method of increasing growth. Hormones, hormones

On the way to the ideal parameters of the body you left the last step - to increase its growth. But by resorting to the solution of this problem, you immediately get up in front of a serious and difficult choices. How to do this without compromising the health and with minimal power and material costs? Now we consider in detail and analyze the traditional methods of increasing growth.

Thus, the pharmacological method. Its basis is the use of hormonal and nonhormonal drugs . The first act on the parts of "growth zone", thus stimulating bone growth, while the latter are not as such the results (although it is actively offered in the market), because not understood. In addition, recourse to a variety of drugs, you risk facing a forgery, which, by the most favorable outcome simply deprive you of an old dream. On the basis of the same pessimistic scenario, you can expect:

1 hypothyroidism,
2 the lack of sugar,
3 antibody,
4 headache,
5 increased intracranial pressure,
6 nausea,
7 edematous syndrome and many others, it is extremely unpleasant for the body's challenges.


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