The surgical method of increasing growth. Operations to increase the growth

The surgical method of increasing growth. Operations to increase the growth

On the way to the ideal parameters of the body you left the last step - to increase its growth. But by resorting to the solution of this problem, you immediately get up in front of a serious and difficult choices. How to do this without compromising the health and with minimal power and material costs? Now we consider in detail and analyze the traditional methods of increasing growth.

The surgical method is less volatile and less dangerous. After paying a lot of money, you really do get results, which have been waiting for - an increase of 5-10 cm of growth occurs in the following way: creating an artificial fracture of the tibia and fixed by a special apparatus. The procedure itself is terrifying, is worth at least awareness of the fact that foreign intervention in its own body, and it's not all. Among the complications and postoperative discomfort can be identified as follows:

1 prolonged pain,
2 infection in the course of the spokes,
3 limitation of motion,
4 slow healing of bones and curvature,
5 scarring,
6 disproportionate legs in relation to each other and to the body as a whole.

All of the above - undeniable drawbacks to health. And if you look at the operation from a psychological point of view? We obtain the following:

1 being in a confined space,
2 a long monotonous mode,
3 no hobbies,
4 severe hospital environment

And all this 24 hours a day throughout the year! This is only for a very sturdy man with a strong mentality.


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