Methods of increasing growth of School of Growth

Methods of increasing growth of School of Growth

This methodology is a set of different exercises and tips that promote flexibility in the muscles and joints (hardening of the massage, "auditory training, a certain system of food and exercise on sportsnaryadah). age limit for wishing to increase their growth is not.


rational mode of food contributes to the growth of approximately every tenth person, regardless of the inheritance structure of the body. You are offered a wide range of plant and animal products, while they should be as small as possible to cook and soar - let the stores more active substances. Three or four times a day, raw vegetables, fruit, approximately 1.5 kg, preferably several kinds. It is absolutely necessary: ??lettuce, spinach, collard parsley, celery, fennel, onions, rhubarb, tarragon.

Gather wild herbs: nettle, goosefoot, willow-herb, mint, dandelion, oxalis, plantain, cucumber grass. Collect them away from roads, dry them for winter. Good growth stimulators - cereals: porridge, black bread. Alcohol and smoking are absolutely excluded.

to increase growth during the sleep of the bed should head up to 15-25 cm with respect to the horizontal. From physics we know that if the body is in an inclined plane, it experiences a force F, which in our case, affecting every area of ??the body, acts as stretching. The mattress and pillow shall be rigidly secured to the bed. The force F is equal to O, if the bed is horizontal.

We have described to you two "folk" theory.

Our method is a complex effect on the entire body, taking into account the fact that the growth zone may be closed. Our technique as adapted for mass use. More detail, we work in our Center. For best results, we recommend that you do x-rays and find out for sure whether the closed area of ??growth. In this case, the procedure will be calculated on the desired area. Come to our center! We are ready to help you.


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      сен 21, 2016

      Здравствуйте, мне 24 года, хочу увеличить свой рост на сантиметров 5-7 желательно не за счет позвоночника,не хочется удлинять тело. Блин, хотелось бы к вам в центр но я вообще сама с Казахстана. Чтобы вы послветовали?) буду признательна за ответ

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