Comparison of methods for increasing the growth rate (effective methods)

Comparison of methods for increasing the growth rate (effective methods)

On the way to the ideal parameters of the body you left the last step - to increase its growth. But by resorting to the solution of this problem, you immediately get up in front of a serious and difficult choices. How to do this without compromising the health and with minimal power and material costs? Now we consider in detail and analyze the traditional methods of increasing the growth.

We will consider all the pros and cons of enhanced growth.

1 Pharmacological method (with hormonal and nonhormonal drugs)
2 The surgical technique (with the help of surgery)
3 The method of increasing the growth of our School

Beginning with the first year of life and to the cessation of growth, a critical role in regulating the growth of the endocrine system performs. In addition to growth hormone, which is the main factor affecting the growth, also have an important role of thyroid hormones and sex hormones.

Above, all this detail.

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