Review of methods to increase the growth rate (without using hormones) and lengthening legs

Review of methods to increase the growth rate (without using hormones) and lengthening legs

The "Center Dr. A.S.Palko" teach the culture of daily care of the backbone, to which, unfortunately, we were not taught how to raise skills from early childhood to brush your teeth, cut hair and nails, care for a person to engage in physical activity, diet and so on.

culture under the care of the backbone, we mean: ·

1 Restoring the spine by an individual at home.
2 Individual methods, taking into account age, health status, activity, etc.
3 The presence of a permanent system, explaining and teaching the people the importance of culture of caring for the spine.

distinctive feature of the technique is to create conditions for permanent employment at home, with a series of specialized devices "Doctor sports 1", "Doctor sport 2", Doctor sport 3", etc., simple method of control (at home) and introduction of special techniques of biological research (if indicated).

classes according to the method A.S.Palko contribute to the rehabilitation of all organs and systems of the human body, and closely resemble to the problem of aging of the human body.

We can help you solve the problem of small stature and leg lengthening. Our simulators are designed to restore and increase the growth parameters. In addition, we provide a set of exercises in the lessons to correct posture, flexibility development, which is an indispensable part of, regardless of gender or age.

The center has developed and offered a special device for the care of the backbone in the family (adults and children), especially valuable in sports and those of heavy physical labor, and for all those who want to improve and prevent a widespread disease, which is low back pain and many others.

classes at the gym with the gravitational effect - this is the only correct way to longevity, creativity and labor, with no change in lifestyle. Different methods of height increase.

There is no doubt that medicine stands on the threshold of the third millennium, when the method of Dr. AS Palko (already available to each family) will heal and restore the mechanisms of health effects using the Earth's gravitational field.