School of Growth - just grow! About how to Growth

School of Growth - just grow! About how to Growth

No man on earth is fully satisfied. While many cosmetic flaws easy to fix with masking, then to solve the problem of "how to become taller?" People are at various body challenged, and themselves - at risk. Many opportunities to increase growth and effective and safe methods for little. The effects of, say, operations to increase growth may be enough here no one is safe from re-intervention due to improperly fused bones or wrong actions doctor. Drugs and vitamins to increase growth do not give significant results, and their price affects altitude. In addition, any, even the most innocuous "pills" there are a number of contraindications, including intolerance to certain individual components, even vitamins (a surplus).

Center provides a useful increase in growth and completely safe alternative, which answers the question "how to grow up (incorrectly - as undergrowth)? '. The developed technique increases the growth consists of a series of specific exercises that affect not only the "growth zone", but also strengthen the overall physical and psychological state of the person. This complex is based on the medical knowledge of the human spine, accumulated during a decade of observations. Our center tells in detail about the methods and the need to care for the spine and individually select exercises for growth "with" and "without" the use of simulators to increase growth and correct posture.

We will open you the secret of how to increase growth without doing harm to the body as a whole and help to solve the age-old female (and not only) problem lengthening legs. Now the height of the individual - it's like the splits - need a good stretch and a little time.

Physical education to help low! Is not this the dream of many, already desperate people?
On how much you can grow in one month? (Our own experiment)

Thanks to us, and this website, you will learn about the absolutely safe and secure method (non-hormonal), effortless and grueling workouts, which will have a beneficial effect on the whole body, because the efficiency of the method at any age - proved! We have come a long way with you, talking about us on TV, we grew up together ... Now we are ready to help you grow and always welcome new members of our school!


Doctor Sport 5+1 Minimum set to increase growth

If your disposal a minimum of means, and wants to increase growth as quickly as possible and to the maximum, then this set - all you need. With its impressive performance, the kit itself does not take up much space, which means that it can be stored on any shelf in the closet, under the bed.

The complete set includes: Doctor Sport 1, Doctor Sport 5, ruler to measure the growth and fasteners. It has everything to ensure a stable effect of the occupation and lead to muscle tone. Impact on the growth technique is the simplest of exercises in the gym Doctor Sport 1 and Doctor Sport 5.

Its unique, of course, is the price of the set. Buying a set will cost you much cheaper than booking each simulator separately.
Evaluate the possible set of Adventure Doctor Sport 5+1, you will be satisfied.


1. Growth is the main component of physical attractiveness:
a) women find tall men "more attractive".
b) Only 2 of the 79 respondents agreed on a date with a young man shorter.

2. Determines the height of the individual career opportunities:
a) Every extra inch in height adds to the man about $ 600 to the annual salary.
b) 72% of the personnel manager, choosing employee for a company of candidates equal to the level of experience and knowledge, is betting on a higher.

3. Human growth is directly correlated to the respect and support of:
a) 90% of senior managers of U.S. companies above average growth.
b) 19 of the last 23 U.S. presidential elections were won by the higher candidates.

Also conducted an anonymous survey of opinions on the subject of Hollywood stars that you satisfied with your growth. Of all respondents, only 12% said yes! Growth of stars and celebrities.

Do you think the increase in growth after puberty, or perhaps the question will always remain a rabbit fleeing from a fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland"? To answer that need actual facts ...

And they are, in the form of the certified medical facts!

Women Thai province of Mae Hong Son is called "long-necked". According to the custom of the tribe woman adorns herself wrapped brass rings around their necks. One woman who lives in the village of Plam Piang Din has 37 rings.

Astronauts in space by 2 inches (5 cm) than on the ground.

About how Olympian Rustam Akhmetov increased growth and its methodology. As well as expert commentary - the candidate of medical sciences.

And what science says?

The real facts

In 1892, Dr. Julius Wolff (Julius Wolff) published a monograph, which gave specific medical facts (Wolff's Law) in favor of the possibility of directional changes in bone structure.

The book Wolff displays precise mathematical principles change the functionality of bone occurring in response to mechanical impact - pushing the famous hypothesis that "form follows function".

Radical form of surgery offered academician GA Ilizarov is a remarkable proof that the bone remodeled, growing and extended by tensile forces.
But it is here along with an undeniable advantage, it should be noted and the minus of this method, which consists precisely in its radicalism, turning healthy people into patients, trapped in the hospital for 12 months, for the sake of a few centimeters.

Our vision and practice

Remember what you said when you have a question to the laces? (Of course, if it ever arose in front of you ;)

Most likely you said something like: "Good growth, as well as great external data - a genetic predisposition. I can not change it!
- Yes, I can drink gallons of growth hormones, hang on the bar for days, but it is clear that if the growth areas are already closed it's useless! "

Yes, this kind of reasoning is valid. No one will deny!

But who said that the growth zone you closed?

Studies of human growth, conducted in the Tokyo Research Laboratory of the National Department of Health of the Government of Japan, have shown that the human body is the growth zones that are open and after overcoming a person of age.

These zones are located in the spinal column

"According to the studies that we have been recorded facts anthropometric changes due to the growth of the intervertebral discs in the lumbar spine in young people under the age of 30 years", - said Dr. Ichiro Kovaguchi, Senior Research Fellow of the Tokyo Lab. "Our observations have shown that discs consisting of spongy tissue in the spine are highly plastic ability to mutate and transformed under the impact of contrails loads."

Why inversion load?

The effect of gravity on the human indisputable. It is the form, design, functionality and safeguards rights, in which liquid and solid media is constantly changing, perfected over millions of years and continue to evolve and change throughout the life of the individual.

The constant component of the gravitational field - the force of gravity acts on the person from birth, practically, all the muscles and joints are not for one second left alone joint-ligamentous and bony structures of the spine. Even in sleep, when the effect of gravity significantly reduced full recovery does not occur this complex system.

The spinal column is a central pillar of the human body in terms of gravity, based on the skeleton with large and small muscle layers, ligaments, joints, which provide the vertical position of the body, keep in place the internal organs of the chest and abdominal cavities.

In the spine, are the nerve centers that control the mechanisms of self-renewal of all the organs and tissues, endocrine, immune system and other vital functions.

Due to the growth of the School you learn and answer the questions: How to increase height? I want to increase the growth! Can I increase the height? Techniques to increase growth. How to grow (as outgrowths)? How to grow (as undergrowth)? How to become taller? Become taller. How to straighten your legs? Lengthening legs.