Health and gravity

Health and gravity
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A. Palko, M. S. Nekrasov A14 Health and gravity. A new concept: problems and prospects. Growth. Posture. Beauty. Longevity. - M.: RUSAKI, 2001.-208 с. ISBN 5-93347-048-1

Gravity and low back pain, growth, health and longevity. What is the relationship between these concepts? The answer to this question the reader will find in this book.

Authors proposed the concept of longevity and health is based on a fundamentally new approach to solving the problems facing humanity. She has found practical application in a series of devices and simulators, the novelty of the ideas which confirmed patents for the invention of the Federal Institute of Industrial Property.

Popular science publication designed for a broad readership.

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ISBN 5-93347-048-1 © A. Palko, M. S. Nekrasov, 2001


The problem of life, preserve the physical, mental and intellectual health has always attracted the attention of both professionals and amateurs of healthy lifestyles of different generations. In this direction, now have National gerontological centers around the world.

In order to prevent premature aging, health and longevity are used to address a variety of tools and methods: drugs, nutritional supplements and diet, exercise, tempering, biostimulation techniques, tools immunofarmakologiches-tions, etc. However, all this is not possible to transcend the limits of the duration life predicted for thousands of years ago.

Different vectors of pain and suffering of modern man, as well as representatives of many previous generations, yet are not subject to reason and science, which often serves as a dedication for the most part unwarranted corporate interests of the monopolies, creating a different, mainly pharmaceutical products.

question about the theory of aging is still debatable. Of the large number of concepts put forward by the greatest interest is four, which treat a common type (mechanism) of aging as a failure strength of the system ("contamination" of an organism), lack of self-copying elements of the system (the death-suppressing elements of structures of the body), the lack of efficacy of selection (generation of diversity at the level of all structures body) and the change of regulatory systems (imbalance and reduced self-renewal).

In other words, the general direction of anti-aging is to increase the openness of the biological systems of the body and to ensure its evolution.

There is no doubt that private methods can have an impact on the individual mechanisms, syndromes and types of aging, but such effects would only be partial.

The original philosophical approach to the problem of the planetary mechanism of action of various vectors of the gravitational field of Earth is represented in the book "Health and gravity", prepared by the candidate of medical sciences, and A. Palko MD, PhD, MS, Nekrasov. The authors believe that this approach will allow the firm to enter a new track in solving the problems of health and longevity of mankind.

a short time, having no special tools and conditions, A. Palko and M. S. Nekrasov defined the main direction of work perspective, the practical results of which will be important for both the individual and for humanity as a whole.

The book is quite logical inconsistency attributed to private body approach to health issues, sports, and longevity due to faulty belief in the inviolability of such approaches. The Phantom of the existing reality, for the most part fruitless philosophical philosophising, largely abstract from reality for a long time did not allow humanity to look beyond the horizon and a decisive step towards the physical longevity.

Man alive and well only if it has at the proper level of self-renewal processes take place as every cell, organ and whole organism, and this has long been known.

It's no secret that governs self-renewal mechanisms of the autonomic nervous system, which provides a hierarchical structure of the relationship of all organs of both the cellular level, and at the level of the organism as a whole.

known that the birth of new cells occurs in about one day, and this largely explains why the man a long time with impunity, can not tolerate a variety of negative effects of environmental factors and the possibility of dynamically rearranging your body to adapt to the alien to his conditions.

The book also explains the essence of flow reduction processes as cellular, organ levels, and at the level of the whole organism. The practical value of

books in the fact that the authors give a fairly detailed practical advice you need to do to the process of self-renewal of the harmonic body did not stop, day or night. And it is extremely important new direction in health programs and in maintaining the sports longevity. Such knowledge is necessary for all those who have to solve health problems.

Concrete and practical recommendations based on numerous observations, scientists are entitled not only to rethink these important mechanisms of life, but also offer a variety of devices for the implementation of health programs under the new concepts put forward. In addition, the book allows you to reset the veil of confusion regarding the use of self-renewing systems of the broad features of the human body.

We can not agree with the authors that in the near future, the spine, as a support and guide nerve impulses autonomic functions, will be the focus and expertise, and all those who are concerned about the health of adults and the younger generation.

The merit of the authors is also in the fact that they managed not only to develop the theoretical aspects, but also to propose the specific methods and simple to use, durable, affordable art and each family unit, which can be used in cosmetics, sports, recreation and rehabilitation for all willing, regardless of gender and age.

Especially valuable are devices for rehabilitation and improvement of physical performance like athletes and fans of Physical Culture.

By purchasing this book and consulting it, each of us, no doubt, will promote in the minds and lives of a new effective method of stretching and traction systems in a changing Earth's gravitational field vector, not only to enhance personal health and longevity, but also to maximize disclosure of individual and social potential of human abilities and possibilities.

Proposed by the authors book can be very useful for specialists in exercise therapy, rehabilitation specialists, teachers

physical education, coaches of all sports and, of course, for fans of a healthy lifestyle, regardless of age.

A new approach to solving the problem of physical longevity deserves special attention of experts, though fraught with issues that require additional research. Hopefully that will soon be offered as a specific theoretical and methodological recommendations on introduction of the proposals of authors in the system of physical education students in remedial and regenerative medicine, in the training of athletes and gerontology.

Academy of Natural Sciences, Professor, Doctor of Biological Sciences EG Martirosov


Before you start writing anything, perhaps, every writer needs a reader to imagine the future, its approximate level of knowledge and perception of the ability of the material. Books read about the health of almost all - young and old, professionals and amateurs a healthy lifestyle. The health of many people write, many say, and yet the majority of authors, both among experts, scholars, and among popularizers, often one-sided fascination can be traced to any one method of healing, say starvation, running, bosohozhdeniem, different diets, which, perhaps, and we have not escaped. The presented material is mainly devoted to the study of effects of Earth's gravitational field on the person.

Due to the novelty of our proposed concept of the understanding of some chapters, although intended for professionals, we have tried to present popular, in a form easily understood by all those who are interested in issues of health and longevity.

Knowledge about health, it would seem, are so vast that almost unknown, and they have little, as they say, do not subtract or add, and yet the authors have found the courage to enter into a dispute with the generally accepted opinions, offer their solutions in the understanding of the causes of aging and death as a perfect creation, what is man. Despite the fact that most of the material in the book is devoted to a negative impact on the human body attractive forces of the Earth, and methods of its correction, we are in no way does not diminish the success and achievements of modern orthodox and traditional medicine, popular and effective methods of traditional healing, herbal medicine, etc., and all that is really in the hands of professionals has beneficial effects on human health. We just pay attention to one of the little-studied planetary mechanisms,

which, in our opinion, in the very near future will open another new ways to restore and improve health.

As a special and popular literature is rich in data on the adverse effects of overloading the body with heavy physical labor, when engaging in professional sports and even a grueling race for the sake of health. It is well known and not new. But what happens if you change the position of the body relative to the vector of the gravitational field? Not if it helps find answers to questions that concern humanity since time immemorial: is it possible to increase the scientifically proven beyond the duration of human life and how to implement it? what is the cause of aging, the emergence of "starting point" of old age, one way or another disease? what has caused the appearance of the usual signs of aging, like hair loss, graying hair, blurred vision, weakness of the increase in age, the progression of pathological processes, and much, much more? Why these symptoms occur in some more, some less, and still others do not? For example, why his grandmother beautiful teeth, and the grandson does not get out of the dentist's chair?

In this paper, we reveal the hypothesis of health and longevity, as well as acquaint the reader with specific developments that will help not only to understand it, but virtually come to a number of relevant issues and concerns of health and longevity.

In the light of modern knowledge is not entirely clear mechanisms of aging of the human body, and therefore there is no radical methods of prevention. This, in turn, interferes with in each case to prevent degradation of the age of the body and allows a mistake to consider her age norm.

Most modern researchers artificially separated from the longevity of health due to lack of common understanding of the mechanism of the origin and extinction of the vital forces of individual organs and whole body. From our point of view, these concepts are the same and tear should not be.

The basis of our proposed methodology was based on the results of theoretical studies and practical

developments to create a series of devices (in this work includes over fourteen inventions). A hypothesis of possible ways to extend the longevity of the individual limits specified by official figures. With the new positions are given to explain the causes of aging of the human body. We also offer a hypothesis causes of somatic pathology of internal organs as well as the whole organism and methods of its prevention.

A special place to address these issues, of course, belongs to the central nervous system mechanisms regulating self-renewal of organs and tissues at the cellular level as well as at the level of organs and systems, as well as the peculiarities of the structure of the spine to its anatomical and functional variability in the process of life. We pay some attention and freely moving liquid media and methods of drainage.

We are far from thinking that in this work professionals and amateurs of a healthy lifestyle will find answers to all questions related to health, longevity and natural antropomodelirovaniya problems, but at the same time, no doubt, that we offer a new and promising direction of improvement of the human body is not only expands the knowledge of its capabilities, but today takes on practical significance.

Constrained chain usual single information system, many of us find it difficult to break away from the traditional understanding of health and longevity, but our practical observations confirmed that the Earth's gravity certainly plays an unusually important role in the life of a person throughout his life and they should not be underestimated.

Our extensive experience allows us to assert that the proposed methods for reducing the negative impact of Earth's gravitational field on human health can be the lever by which can greatly alter our understanding of health and longevity, to find better ways to realize the opportunities and abilities of the person on the basis use of the readily available natural inexhaustible source of energy.

Longevity and health

Each person lives, develops and dies in the gravitational field of the earth, from the very first days of its existence in some degree influence the formation of both the man and of some of his personal qualities. Since the gravitational field accompanied by all previous generations, it led to form constructive solutions musculoskeletal, functional capacity and human defense mechanisms that have been modified and refined over millions of years and continue to change in each individual throughout life. The gravitational field has a significant impact on human health, depending on its mode of life, personal and hereditary qualities.

We have no doubt that in the very near future we will have to plunge into the ocean phenomena and knowledge, which are a promising discovery and management capabilities of the force for the good of man. Even today, touching on this issue and saw the first practical results, we can boldly discuss the mystery of life and death, to offer their own specific solutions on the path to health and longevity.

The problem of increasing life expectancy is already worried about humanity in the distant past of the Old Testament and continues to excite his contemporaries. Literary sources offer us conflicting facts about life expectancy.

Probably not the world a more intricate issue than the question of the reliability of data on the maximum duration of human life on Earth. Avid for sensation, journalists often publish unverified data based on both personal speculation and rumors. At the same time, the maximum life expectancy

known from a fairly reputable source - the International Institute for registering all existing global reach, "Now the limit of life expectancy is 120 years old and no credible case of celebrating the birth of 121" (Guinness Book of Records, 1989).

And this is not a discovery. This fact was already known in antiquity. Thus, in the VI chapter of the Old Testament Bible says: "... his days shall be one hundred twenty years." It was also noted in other ancient book - the Torah: "... his days shall be one hundred twenty years" (Byreyshit, 6, 4).

However, it was not always the case. Prior to the mankind has suffered punishment for their sins, according to the biblical texts first prophets lived hundreds of years (Adam - 930 years old, his grandchildren and great-grandchildren were also long-lived, Kenan - 910 years, the absolute bible survivor Methuselah - 969 years). At the same time, according to this source is not quite understandable reasons, the duration of life with each generation becoming shorter and shorter, Shem lived 600 years, his descendant Sala - 533 years, and has an indirect descendant - Serug lived "only" 230 years old. Details of this and other historical sources to reduce the length of human life from one generation to match.

Forecast life expectancy, it is unclear how the calculated thousands of years ago, in spite of the modern scientific and practical achievements in medicine, biology, physiology, genetics, gerontology, etc., either theoretically or practically can transcend contemporary age limit, which warned from time immemorial, our ancestors (though in the same Book of Records for the year 2000 marked a single case of female longevity, tires - 124 years, but this is still an exception to the rule). And if the vast majority of people and questions the reliability of the biblical evidence of longevity, do not believe in the objectivity of the registration rate in the Guinness Book of Records does not have to.

Probably, based on our rich historical experience, not only theoretically, we can assume that many of the fundamental knowledge about human capabilities, including longevity and have been for no apparent reason



devalued and lost on the historical milestones of becoming of mankind, who advanced in those ancient times to the forefront of other priorities. Perhaps, we can not accept the idea that the ancient doctrine must be carefully analyzed and reanalyzed, and perhaps, just restored in order to obtain useful information from them in different directions, and they can study in the very near future make a significant practical contribution - in particular , to promote understanding and to achieve health and longevity. There is reason to believe that a number of ancient teachings, which certainly applies to religion, contain a real and useful knowledge.

theory, most researchers believe that the extent of its development and improvement of mankind, and only to those engaged in that accumulating knowledge. In fact, it was not always quite so. Almost humanity saves only the knowledge that he needs at the moment, and then only for as long as they are needed.

Know the facts of history, when even the greatest thinkers have neglected the opportunity to present to humanity's greatest achievements of previous generations. So, once Aristotle had received from Alexander of Macedon five hundred talents of silver, - an enormous sum for those times. When I heard about it, it appealed to the delegation of the Egyptian priests with a proposal to purchase a number of miracles, which they carefully preserved in their temples. There is speculation that he was known for throwing technique in image space (the movie? Laser technology? Electricity?). Aristotle rejected this proposal, and the money squandered in magnificent feasts with many friends.

Perhaps Aristotle was right. What's the difference if it's not lost in the temples of the Egyptians, and in its archives? It is unlikely that during the period of slave society that knowledge could serve at least for some kind of slave owners needs.

Such examples of history knows hundreds. This is the fate of a wealthy Alexandria (100 to 700 000 volumes) and Carthage (not less than 500,000 volumes) libraries, the destruction of all books of the Maya - an entire civilization. Or another example. Burmese Library holds ancient manuscripts, thousands of packets



with hundreds of papyri. Sure, it contains useful information from various areas of human life. However, due to complete loss of language skills of the people who tried to preserve for future generations of this information, this information does not have any practical value. Of course, nothing surprising here: the knowledge that society does not need at some stage of their development, will inevitably get lost, even if they are written on papyrus, stone tablets, clay tablets, which can store tens of centuries (modern media allow you to store unclaimed knowledge is not more than one hundred years). At the same time on the background of the general history of mankind as they, and other terms are quite small.

A problem of longevity? What kind of society feels the need for the patriarchs? I wonder how would our MPs have reacted if they discussed the law on that of his contemporaries who should be allowed and, of course, means that they can live to 200, 300, 500 or more years longer than average life expectancy of modern man? Questions, of course, worthy of attention.

Yet regardless of this, I would like to find out whether the knowledge of those we use today (if they really were), to recover the experiences of our ancestors, long-lived.

When developing a new concept of longevity and health, we were guided by the following considerations, based on reliable facts, which are now no science, no experience is not denied:

none of the existing theories of aging and death (over 200!) is not a practical solution;

in the human body is not found the time counter, which measured out to those years and presaged their completion;

the human body as a material structure ever fully updated for several years;

yet no one has died of old age and cause of death has always been of the disease;

theoretically and practically every inhabitant of the planet is suffering from age-related changes in the spine, are expressed in the reduction of the height of the intervertebral discs,


wedge deformation and flattening of the vertebral body, stiffness of the spine, and as a result of compression and conduction disturbance coming out of the vegetative and animal spinal nerve agents, followed by the growth of disorders of the organs and systems;

chiropractors in the works there have been numerous observations concerning the restoration of function of an organ due to the release stifled nerve trunks in the place of their exit from the spinal column. (Perhaps not coincidentally experienced manual therapist believe that before you start taking drugs, it makes sense to think about, is not infringed if the nerve that goes to a particular entity, and not whether it should be free);

the human body contains about 30% of the freely moving fluids (blood, lymph and interstitial fluid), which are under the constant influence of gravity tend to move into the lower parts of the body and there is stagnation, which leads to accumulation of metabolic products, depressing features of both individual agencies and systems and whole organism.

These and certain other conditions were the basis of this hypothesis, which has a direct bearing on health and longevity and, therefore, to create devices that facilitate the restoration of joint and ligaments of the spine as a source of indirect conduction abnormalities of nerve impulses, as well as devices that affect the movement of liquid environments, tools for manipulation and development techniques Mechano their application.

In the early stages of studying the problem we have supported their way of life of our patients, work and rest, do not resort to any drugs, physical therapy procedures, etc. This allowed a more objective assessment of the results.

In recent years, experts are increasingly paying attention to the spine, which with age becomes more vulnerable.

Thus, according to VS and NA Gaidenko Zagorsk, changes in the spine cause neurological changes are observed in 30-80% of ambulatory patients and healthy people aged 25-55 years and reach 90% of patients under treatment in hospitals. At the same time, physicians recorded only 1.3%! The conviction of the authors, this leads to the shortcomings of health care. Scholars rightly argue that even from childhood and adolescence, even when asymptomatic disease, it manifests itself in irregularities in the visceral (internal) organs and systems.

course, without the understanding of the structure and functioning of the spine and the changes that occur in it during life, to solve the problem of health is not so simple. There is something to think about.

According to statistics from the spine wear and aging faster than most systems that support vital functions of the body, and this is due to the fact that out of the spinal column, not only motor and sensory nerves. In the spinal cord lies the autonomic nervous system, which provides the ability to live as well as all the necessary conditions for self-renewal of the internal organs. That is why the processes occurring in the vertebral bodies, intervertebral discs, joint-related-zochnom apparatus, indirectly affect the condition of internal organs.

man from the first days of life is exposed to gravity and is in addition to its source will start the changes of the spine.

appropriate to ask a question: when will the first changes occur? Take a look at Figure 1 (p. 18), taken from the textbook of anatomy and familiar to every student, and you'll get the answer to your question. As we see, in the first months of life the spine undergoes changes under the influence of Earth's gravitational field.

Spine - a complex mobile, relatively resistant to external influences the motor system, which provides a reference for the human body and safety

located in it for the central nervous system function. Through his bone and tissue channels by nerve agents is the relationship of spinal cord to the internal organs and the brain. In the spine, are the vessels that provide meals both the spinal cord and nerve agents and excretion of metabolic products of them.

This suggests that even slight changes in the structure of this complex, even without showing external symptoms and pain syndromes do have consequences and should be treated the most serious attention.

in human nature, everything is interconnected and conditioned. The human body - is finely balanced system, where there is nothing insignificant, and superfluous.


Fig.1. The gradual formation curves of the spine

child seats because (a), holding the head (b)

and standing (a)

puzzles that will solve

In order to understand the basic mechanisms of diseases of internal organs, we must first consider how they operate in normal conditions of human life.

Any organ of our body consists of cells that the body is constantly updated. But the life expectancy of most of them much shorter life expectancy.

Liquid internal environment to ensure constant conditions and the activity of cells that make up the organs and tissues of man, represented by blood, interstitial fluid and lymph, separated by membranes having different permeability in different organs and tissues. Every cell in the human body is as if in isolation from the body, and at the same time, all the cells are functioning as a whole, strictly carrying out their roles in the life of the organism. According to various researchers, free liquid media ranged from 23 to 29% of body weight. In children, free fluid is greater in adults, depending on age - less. The cells are interconnected like bridges - tentacles, between which runs a free intercellular fluid.

Products exchange of extracellular fluid enter the lymph flow from the blind bags, which start at the lymph capillaries. Unidirectional flow of lymph - inside, back to the solution is not forthcoming. Figure 2 (p. 20) are the lymph capillaries and location of cells and blood vessels bloodstream.

Although the internal structure of liquid media on the biological and biochemical levels are different, depending on whether they are in the blood or lymph flow or in the intercellular space, they have much in common and essentially meaningful. Claude Bernard suggested:


Рис. 2. A fragment of the lymphatic system normally: and - lifaticheskie capillaries begin blindly; B- lymph postkapillyary c - valves of lymphatic vessels; r - vessels krovyanosnogo channel

"The constancy of the internal environment - a pledge of a free life. "Unfortunately, we still do not know much about the specific composition of fluids in various organs and tissues and the changes that occur in these environments, so how to get enough of them, say for chemical analysis technically difficult.

Researchers studying the effect of liquid media containing nutrients, metabolites, and cellular debris, human health, reasonably believe that the basis for an imbalance in the intercellular level with the subsequent development of functional disorders are humoral-hormonal shifts, but . Most of the changes prior to the illness are the result of violations of relationships within the liquid media.

And a few words should be said about the peculiarities of regulation of constancy of internal environment, the so-called homeostasis. In 1929, Walter Cannon formulated the theory of homeostasis -

dynamic, oscillating in a well-defined boundaries of constant internal environment. Self-regulation taking place in the higher organisms, encompasses all biological levels: submolecular, molecular, subcellular, cellular, liquid, tissue, organ, nerve, and population. At the same time no less interesting is another feature of homeostasis: in the living cell is not and can not be unchanging equilibrium. The balance should only be dynamic, otherwise turn into a living system dead. This applies to the submolecular, and to the organ level. That is why, according to experts, the study of human body fluids is the pinnacle of science. We can not agree with Mr. Kassilya: "The more the human mind perceives the mysterious world of the internal environment, the clearer become the laws governing the existence of living bodies, the more clearly loom ways to preserve health, youth, health, life extension".

Under normal conditions, each cell is washed by the extracellular fluid, and each of the organs of the human body has its own part of the culture medium, its climate, which does not tolerate storms and disasters, typical of the relationship between man and the environment. Suffice very minor violations in interstitial fluid to the pathological shift has occurred. The value of such an equilibrium can not be overemphasized.

constancy of internal environment and the stability of the main functions of the body are responsible for health, illness, youth, adulthood and old age. No problem man can not be considered without an analysis of disturbances of homeostatic mechanisms: they are so perfect and so sensitive that they allow a man to live for many months in space, to carry tropical heat at the equator and the icy cold of Antarctica. At the same time, the homeostatic mechanisms do not always work perfectly, and. As a rule, when a glitch disorders of the autonomic nervous system and its relationship to different levels (mechanical, hormonal, vascular, muscular, etc.).

must also take into account the fact that the fluids occupy a special place in the central nervous system. For

to nerve cells to work effectively, they must continually receive nutrients. The nature of the brain safely hid in the case of the skull bone, and spinal cord - the spinal canal spinal column. On all sides surrounds the brain is the so-called cerebrospinal fluid, in which he seems to be floating. This fluid is in contrast to the blood, lymph and interstitial fluid is characterized by a constant, which remains unchanged even with significant changes which may occur in the blood. Anatomical structure, composition and properties of the cerebrospinal fluid help protect the brain from foreign influences, ensuring the reliability of the system, regulating and directing all activities of the human body.

Any violation of homeostasis due to illness, injury, emotional upheavals, and immediately affects the whole body, causing changes in the set of functions. In response, the internal environment to immediately rebuild its physical and chemical composition, allowing the body to the most favorable conditions of existence. In the case of physical and chemical composition is not returned to baseline characteristics (the balance is not getting back to normal), a stable disease process is manifested most often in the pain of varying intensity. Here it is useful to say that the pain receptors are not always adequately respond to the destruction of varying severity and pain can last a long time, not only causing emotional distress, and gradually destroying the body's defenses.

gravitational field itself contributes to stagnation of fluids in the lower parts of the body, resulting in an excessive accumulation of metabolic products out there. Even does not outwardly manifested by stagnant fluids in the lower parts of the body in healthy people is the end of the day as a result of accumulation of metabolic products of fatigue, heaviness in the legs reduces the efficiency of a negative impact on employment, household, sporting successes. Stagnation of blood in the veins of the same results in varicose veins, a disease in itself quite seriously, as it often is accompanied by the formation of blood clots - blood clots that can clog blood vessels,

going to vital organs, which often results in the future as a serious illness and death.

Most modern scholars agree that the reasons for the emergence and development of vascular disorders, in particular changes in the venous outflow is not yet fully understood. However, the indisputable fact remains that the veins of the lower extremities, followed by the development of complications most often occurs in people who have to stand on their feet for long periods or to engage in heavy physical labor.

At the same time, practice shows that when the volume of the venous outflow veins decreases sharply in the horizontal position of the body, or even if you just make the legs elevated position. But we have some reason not accepted to talk with visitors or to work, putting his feet on the table.

In connection with the extension of the vascular bed of the veins, the appearance of nodes slows down blood flow, resulting in a greater or lesser extent a change in the vessel wall, which in itself increases the ability of blood ktromboobrazovaniyu. In accordance with the changing biophysical and biomechanical conditions of the blood platelets are attracted to the inner wall of the vessel, which, according to most scientists, and is the starting point of clot formation. In some cases, increased ability to thrombus formation leads to significant changes in the homeostasis. Such patients usually recommend rest, but they themselves are prone to low physical activity as a result of physical inactivity, which is characterized by exclusion from the calf muscle activity, which occurs more often an acute deep vein thrombosis leg.

At the same time to occlusion of the lumen of the vessel thrombus is not necessarily significant changes in the external veins and the presence of multiple nodes.

When deep venous occlusion calf blood flow is greatly disturbed. Shin becomes swollen, tense. In most cases there is pain, the patient is concerned about the feeling of fullness and tension legs.

few words about the so-called traditional treatment for varicose veins. Thus, in the book "Diseases of the heart and blood vessels," published under the editorship of Academician EI Chazova,

authors note that "Conservative treatment of superficial varicose veins of the lower limbs as such does not exist. Therapeutic measures include wearing elastic bandages or stockings, physiotherapy sessions, the use of drugs (eskuzan, Venoruton, vazolastin) - only a palliative measure to temporarily improve the hemodynamic status of the limb and to some extent prevent the further development of the pathological process ".

One of the radical treatment of varicose veins is undoubtedly the removal of blood from a deep discharge of the venous system to the surface. In addition, experts consider it appropriate elevated position limb active movements in the knee and ankle joints.

thrombosis is not the sole cause swelling of the legs. Swelling may also occur in violation of the conduction duct of lymphatic system. When lymphostasis usually not observed pain syndrome, and little change color limbs. Stagnation of fluids in the lymphatic vessels and the intercellular level significantly increases the volume of the legs and sometimes leads to disease such as elephantiasis.

This is not an exhaustive list of those phenomena which result from the influence of gravity, however, and he suggests that our proposed method of moving fluids within the body will be of great practical importance for both patients and for healthy people, as well as for those hard physical labor, professional athletes and fans of a healthy lifestyle. We have developed, tested and offered for general use simulators to the so-called gravitational effect, which use both at home and at work and in sports is of undoubted interest.


This wonderful and ever-living thought Paul Brega for a long time determined the direction of the science and practice of medicine to create the future.

The spine is the backbone of the human body, the foundation of the skeleton with large and small muscle layers, ligaments, joints, which provide the vertical position of the body, hold in place the internal organs of the thoracic and abdominal cavities. In this case the spine hourly counteracts the forces of gravity. Most scholars rightly believe that health problems may entail not only the gross changes in the spine, and even bad posture, reckless movement, causing a slight displacement of the vertebrae, the various strains of congenital and acquired nature, which can cause partial or complete compression of emerging from it nerve endings, blood vessels and lead to both immaterial and the most serious consequences.

spinal column plays a major role in human life. In the middle of the spine laid down the spinal cord (see Fig. 3 at color, inset), which departs from the brain and is the center, guiding a broad, if not all, the network of motor, sensory, and control the activities of organs and systems of the human body nerves. Figure 4 (p. 26) is schematically represented numerous connections with the spinal cord the various organs and systems of man.

spinal column consists of 32-33 vertebrae, of which 7 cervical, 12 thoracic, 5 lumbar, 5 sacral, fused into one bone, and 3-6 coccygeal that in the adult are fused into one coccygeal bone. The vertebrae are connected with each other intervertebral disc, surrounded by thick articular and ligament-muscular structures.


Fig. 4. Relationships spinal cord to the internal organs:

1 - parasympathetic nervous system; 2 - star-shaped site;

3 - sympathetic nervous system;

4 - components of autonomic nervous system

mobility of the spine, its dampening properties, the ability to withstand heavy loads are highly dependent on the intervertebral discs. Degeneration of intervertebral discs in the process of life is accompanied by a decrease in growth, sometimes quite substantial, as an adult person becomes lower at 7, 10, and sometimes more inches. All this is characteristic for both women and men, of course, with some adjustment for lifestyle, diet and rest, motor activity, tempered.

Because intervertebral disc plays an extremely important role in its structure should stay apart. In the center of the disc is nucleus pulposus, which has a gelatinous consistency and is covered by a capsule. This core is extremely plastic, it is located between adjacent

vertebrae, and acts as a shock absorber under the influence of tension and compression, cushioning and shock forces evenly in all directions. Fibrous ring that surrounds it, is composed of dense bundles of connective tissue, overlapping in different directions. Front and side surfaces is tightly adherent to the vertebral bodies and with the ligament apparatus of the spine. Annulus provides strength and mobility of connecting the vertebrae (Fig. 5).


Fig. Five. A fragment of the vertebral column:

1 - spinal cord, 2 - spinous process;
3 - nucleus pulposus, 4 - annulus;

5 - body of vertebra, 6 - knot the sympathetic nervous system

normal adult spine has four so-called physiological curvature: in the anteroposterior direction of the cervical and lumbar facing concave anteriorly, and breast and sacral - backwards. The presence of these curves not only improves cushioning properties of the spine, but also its strength: when significant loads the spine, like a powerful spring, is opposed to external forces.

Each vertebra consists of a massive body, bone arch and appendages on the rear surface of the arc.

The shape of each vertebra, the relative magnitude of its component parts and their locations are not identical in different parts of the spinal column. The body of a vertebra in front, and the arc-back. The arc and the back surface of the vertebra restrict vertebral opening. Located one above the other, the holes form the spinal canal, which mix with the spinal cord membranes and blood vessels. Each arc has seven processes: a bearded back, 2 and 4, the transverse joints - two above and two below. Compound bodies, vertebral arches and processes is due to the strong ligaments. Ligaments limit the mobility of the spine and at the same time make it possible to move around three axes - flexion and extension, bending sideways and rotate around the axis of the body. Such a complex design drawn up by nature, not only for high physical activity, high efficiency, but also to protect the vital organ - the spinal cord, which is located inside the spinal canal. A fragment of the vertebral column, shown in Figure 6 schematically shows the relationship of anatomical structures of spine.


Рис. 6. Thoracic spine:

/ - vertebral body;

2 -intervertebral discs;

3 -spinal cords;

4 - location of the nerves exit the spinal cord;

5 -spinous processes

And yet legitimate question is whether the bony spine is so unshakable foundation and continuing throughout life?

Bone tissue is highly plastic ability to mutate and rearrange, to adapt to different conditions of life. We should not think that if we do not see external changes, they do not occur. In the human skeletal system continuously throughout its life processes take place physiological adjustment of the bone substance, depending on a number of conditions, including the impact of changes in gravitational forces on the body in its statics and dynamics. Although these forces do not seem so large, and many thousands of people adapted to them, yet such a physiological change occurs constantly, slowly and inexorably, and, as a rule, long time no painful sensations are not shown.

When the load increases, or the opposite - inactivity - are inevitable processes are more rapid changes in bone structure.

Although phylogenetically the human body is adapted to the rhythmic beats and shock due to the entire musculoskeletal system, because they occur in all parts of the body changes - at first physiological, pathological, and then, including in the spine. In this respect, perhaps, of great interest are age-related changes in the spine, which often is not always true are treated as "senile." It should be added that the anatomical changes in the spine invariably entail a violation of the nervous and vascular systems, which play a major role in managing the rehabilitation process in various organ and functional levels.

Nor can it be denied that as a result of a systematic, even a small load on the spine it may eventually happen or that significant changes. Peculiar anatomical and radiological picture is old hump. At the same time more often affects the thoracic spine, often with the capture of verhnepoyasnichnogo department. This disease affects women as well as

men. The disease is accompanied by severe pain, feeling weak, tired feeling in the back, complete failure of performance. There are symptoms of the metabolic processes in the body of the vertebrae, which is expressed in clinical signs of bone resorption. We are aware of changes in the case of growth of a woman, with her words, in just 3 months to 15 cm!

In this chapter we would like to draw attention to certain features of the structure of the spine and surrounding tissues.

nerves exit the spinal canal through the narrow hole, surrounded by thick layers of chords. As can be seen in Figure 6. Around the nerve agents do not have free space. Therefore, it is clear that the presence of structural changes in bone and joint-related in-unit zochnom conditions of occurrence pathways are altered, which would entail a variety of disorders in-flustered their bodies.

Equally important may also be changes in the conditions of circulation in the central nervous system, depending on the individual characteristics of the structure of the spine.

directly from the aortic arch to the left and from brachiocephalic trunk to the right subclavian artery depart. They give rise to the vertebral arteries, which, entering into the holes re-Burne-transverse processes of cervical vertebrae rising vertically upward, reaching up to the first cervical vertebra and then through the membranous occipital ligament and the dura mater penetrated into the cranial cavity, where, uniting with each other, formed on one side basilar artery, located at the base of the brain. This gives rise to the artery and the spinal zadnemozgovym arteries entering the spinal canal and spinal cord blood supplying the brain and its membranes. The course of the artery through the maze of the cervical spine is shown in Figure 7 (see color insert). With the signs of the violation and restore blood circulation in the spinal arteries, we get acquainted a little later, but it should be noted that even minor changes in the cervical spine can be quite serious consequences due to malnutrition as the spinal cord, and a number of brain regions. < / span>

power cord in two arteries, located on the front and rear surfaces, it is presented in Figure 8 (see color insert). In the analysis of X-ray pictures and clinical data in our practice, we pay special attention to the relationship of functional recovery of tissue structures, which in varying degrees, can affect the conductivity of the nerve trunks as well as the arteries that feed the central nervous system at the base of the skull and throughout the spinal cord and nerve trunks of the conductors. Bone and joint-but-ligamentous changes occur subsidence mezhpoz-vonochnyhdiskov, wedge-shaped deformity of the vertebral bodies, progressive narrowing of the bony canals, followed by ligation of nerves and blood vessels at the level of supply-articular ligaments, congestion in the interstitial fluid level and reflex spasm and narrowing of the lumen of the arteries the nerve.

autonomic nervous system and spine

autonomic nervous system plays a key role not only in self-repair organs and tissues, but also in the control and regulation functions of all internal organs, glands, blood and lymph vessels, smooth muscle, and transverse range of autonomously operating systems (which provide automatic treatment of heart contractions, reducing the bowel during the promotion of food supply of bile from the gall bladder, etc.) and their interactions.

According to the teachings of Pavlov's autonomic nervous system is involved in nutrition and recovery of all bodies performing plant functions. Conventionally, an autonomous, or as it is called the autonomic nervous system is divided into two subsystems: the sympathetic, which lies mainly in the spinal canal, and the parasympathetic, mainly provided by the vagus nerve, freely descends from the brain. It is believed that these two systems operate in opposite directions: if one of them speeds up, slows down the second one or other physiological mechanisms. However, according to recent data the ratio between them can be changed dynamically at different phases of work in a particular period of life.

sympathetic section primarily enhances the oxidative processes that regulate nutrient intake, controls breathing rate, heart rate, oxygen delivery to tissues.

And all we talk about the actions of the opposition these subsystems can be only provisionally - the two components of a single process to ensure their well-coordinated work of the normal relations between the organs and tissues. Approval and regulation of the same functions performed by the cerebral cortex, resulting in high reliability of the whole organism as a whole.

approximate representation of the relationship with the autonomic nervous system, organs and tissues gives Figure 9. By this scheme should be added that guides the sympathetic nervous system, in addition, enter the sweat glands, hair muscles of the skin, spleen, adrenal glands. Although according to the physiology of the vegetative nervous system is up and running in standalone mode, it is subordinate to the higher departments of the central nervous system, including the cerebral cortex, and even if in practice we do not see where verbal commands would help restore the hair on his bald head, lost vision, to remove gray hair, etc., theoretically it is probably still possible when the restoration of lost relationships at all levels.


Fig. 9. Relationship of autonomic nervous system

with organs and tissues:

1 - the spinal cord; 2 - light;

3 - the heart; 4 - the intestines;

5 - skin;

6 - peripheral ganglia

The sympathetic nervous system is conventionally divided into central and peripheral divisions. To the central department and the centers are centers in the brain and spinal cord, and peripheral to the - the ganglia containing nerve cells, nerve plexus, peripheral nerves, which are located outside the spinal canal.


its universal function of the autonomic nervous system is characterized by widespread distribution: penetrating into all the organs and tissues, it is through the central nervous system has links to all parts of the body.

Before a more detailed understanding of this extremely important part of the central nervous system, self-control vital functions and largely independent of our willful participation, it is expedient to dwell on some features of its anatomy.

central office is located in the sympathetic lateral horns of the spinal cord at the neck, thoracic and lumbar part of spinal column. Cervical nodes depart from the nerves to the head, neck and chest, but not directly, but through the ganglia, which are located on each side of the spine along its entire length and joined together by longitudinal branches of Cross-Site. These nodes are called nodes of the first order. Nerve cells, following the nodes of the first order, form a plexus, which are nodes of the second order connecting to okoloorgannymi nodes. Nodes that are located directly inside of or next to them are called nodes of the third order. Cross-site connections are to each other not only direct but circuitous communication. Inside the nodes there are nerve cells belonging to these intercalary nerve formations. These cells can interconnect up to 32 nerve endings!

example of the complex mechanisms of coordination of the internal organs may be the highest unpaired solar plexus, which departs from the three (sometimes four) nodes of the lumbar sympathetic trunk. Departs from these sites as a large number of nerve branches, consisting of multiple nodes from cervical and lumbar ending. Nerve endings,

intertwined, penetrating the abdomen, pelvis, into the esophagus, stomach, etc.

Knowledge of these characteristics is necessary for determining the level of damage, and to understand the close relationship between the bodies, which is of fundamental importance in the treatment of certain diseases.

According to the research of Pavlov and his students, the cerebral cortex, as a set of cortical terminations analyzer receives stimulation from all the bodies through both direct and complex neural connections and thus affects the entire body. Consequently, there is a link that directly involved the higher parts of the central nervous system, all processes of the body vedayushie.

antagonist and at the same time, a synergist of the sympathetic nervous system is the longest head-nerve - the vagus. Its branches, he reaches the respiratory system, digestive tract, gives branches to the heart, the muscles of the sky and the larynx, pharynx, trachea and enters the lungs, esophagus, stomach, liver, spleen, pancreas, kidney, fat and small intestine and other organs and endocrine glands. Its branches are part of the cranial nerves. According to some researchers the vagus nerve is composed not only of nerve agents, but also from the ganglia - autonomic nerve cells, often play a major role in the automatic regulation of the activity of the partial or even complete loss of their connection to the central nervous system! < / p>

describing the autonomic nervous system, it should be noted also that in the fetal (embryonic) stage, she comes from a common source of nervous structures, neuroectoderm, which confirms the unity of the entire nervous system.

Of rudiment of the nervous system during development of the human body are allocated nerve cells that migrate to the periphery and accumulate in certain places, forming a first node of the boundary of the nerve trunk, and then the intermediate nodes and nerve plexus. Processes of nerve cells together in bundles, form a connecting cross-site branch of the system as a whole. Knowing

these features are extremely important for understanding the origin and development of complex processes such as aging and disease, as well as the characteristic appearance and is not always clear at first signs of pathological conditions and results of therapeutic effects of these or other methods of recovery .

describing the complex relationship between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system in the light of their unity, we would like to draw your attention to a number of issues related to the so-called age "norm", the dynamic changes in certain states of the organism in the process of life person in a gravitational field, influenced by physical overload. All of this becomes comprehensible when viewed from the standpoint of the interaction parts of the spine as a dynamic structure and the emergence of an imbalance in the management of organ-system structures due to conduction abnormalities of nerve trunks. It should also be taken into account the complexity of the clinical picture, allowing the same symptoms attributed to the disease if they occur in young people, and to the processes of aging - the elderly.

proposed interpretation of the book the appearance of any violations of the series has become a prerequisite for the creation of devices and mechanisms that act directly on the cause of a number of states of both age and disease. Over twenty five years studying the problem of the spine, watching thousands of patients and healthy people, we came to the firm conviction that we have developed methods for improvement of the human body are harmless and effective, requiring no extra cost, available thanks to its simplicity, every family and people of different age and sex .

At the same time I would like to stress once again that the problems of dealing with the restoration of functionality of the spine by our methods, we have not used any drugs to validate the results. Currently, our students and we are among the methods we use we offer a wide range of achievements of modern medicine.

This insidious


"When you look in the vertebrae of the disease" - Hippocrates, catch phrase, for many years, reducible to the variations in both the popular and special health guides. The problems of the spine were already known in antiquity. According to statistics, one of the most common ailments is low back pain. Symptoms (a set of attributes), its so diverse that hardly makes sense to list every feature separately. Low back pain - the most common cause of temporary disability. A whole bunch of manifestations of the disease occurs in people in their teens and into adulthood. The undeniable fact is that the essence of degenerative disc disease is the loss of flexibility of the cartilage and ligaments of the spine, reducing intervertebral distances, which leads to disruption of the conduction of nerve branches of the sympathetic nervous system with subsequent violations of those or other organs. At the same violation may be of varying severity and duration, depending on the course of reconstruction or degenerative changes in the structures of both the spine and central nervous system at different levels, as well as the degree of compensation due to individual peculiarities of anatomical structure, age and functional potential compensatory mechanisms of the autonomic nervous system ganglia at the level of the first, second and third orders.

At the same time, the consensus about the causes of osteoarthritis among scientists there. At the beginning XX century believed that the defeat of the nerve roots emerging from the spinal cord, caused by infection. But this version is not supported by medical practice. In patients with osteochondrosis had no fever, typical of infectious diseases. At surgery, even

in remote parts of the intervertebral discs, are generally not found infectious and inflammatory changes. As part of the blood and cerebrospinal fluid also was not the slightest changes characteristic of inflammatory diseases.

replaced infectious theory came immunnoallergi-parameter, and not by chance because our century is called the "century of allergic-nologies' Allergy is characterized by increased sensitivity of the human body to various foreign substances. However, laboratory studies, not all patients with osteochondrosis found changes in the immune system. In recent years, scientists have proved that such changes probably contribute to the manifestation of clinical signs of osteoarthritis than its appearance.

not less interesting, and the hereditary theory, but it is not always supported, and given that almost all suffer from osteochondrosis, we can not talk about heredity, and the imperfection of the human body and the absence of correction methods needed to eliminate this chronic disease.

Involutionary theory says the cause of degenerative disc disease of premature aging of the intervertebral discs. However, low back pain occurs in adolescents and even children, so it can not be caused solely by involutional changes in the discs.

bioelektretnaya There is also a hypothesis, which considers the inversion of the vector forces of bioelectric fields in the tissues of the intervertebral disc, change the direction of the polarization vector. It is interesting to those higher matters, which almost reach the understanding of the specialist in charge of directly treating the patient and has no knowledge of how to control the mechanism of the vector of effort needed to make the inversion of bioelectric fields established in the right direction.

Functional Theory divides people into "clever" and "embarrassing." In the first violation of the motor stereotype, and they certainly get sick more often. Such a physical balancing act baffles specialist when you need to decide, for example, from the awkward to make a coordinated Granddaddy man say in ice.

There is also a multifactorial theory, in which its creators are trying to reconcile all the experts who hold different points of view. There are many ot<


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