In general, what is the growth?

In general, what is the growth?

Height - measure largely determines the destiny of man. That is why many short people who have experienced some discomfort because of its growth, tend to make up for lost inches. Alas, too late for you. And it's not the fact that over time lose the ability to achieve good results and parameters to get the perfect appearance, but the fact that most of the prospects in the course of life is being lost.


Why high growth so important?

This is particularly true of professions directly dependent on the age and external data rights. This is a sport, modeling career, organizational, creative work, and many other areas in which the trim, well-built figure and a relatively high growth have not the least important.

In the course of the study it was found that:

In 72% of cases, selecting the employee for the company of the candidates with the same level of knowledge and experience, the personnel manager would prefer a tall man, and the growth of 90% of senior managers in U.S. companies above average.

growth is a component of human physical attractiveness. Most women find tall men more attractive, and only two of 79 respondents agreed on a date with a man following a rise.

the time to increase the growth was considered impossible or highly problematic past. Nowadays, anyone without any risk to health can add 5-10, and even more inches (depending on the physiological characteristics) to its own growth. The facts speak for themselves. Do not discourage yourself with phrases: "not in the growth of happiness" or "too low for good prospects," if there is a great opportunity to fulfill his dream. Why run away from it?

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