The technique Doctor Sports 3

The technique Doctor Sports 3

Technique to increase the growth of the simulator Doctor Sport-3

What to do:
1. Zavesti blog (lined with pages in the notebook speakers), where it is necessary to note:
date (day, month, year) Example 20.10. 2007
time (hour, minute) Example 11-45
height (cm, mm) Example 160.3

20.10.2007 11-45/12-00 160.3/160.8

On each day of school for at least two measurements of growth before / immediately after school.
Keeping a journal will allow an individual to choose for themselves the optimal duration and time of classes, will provide an opportunity to monitor progress in the classroom.
According to the measurements you can construct a graph similar to the imeyuschemyasya sayte.Pervoe time the result will be quite large, then the result will be negative menshe.Inogda (if the day you are tired or unwell).
For measuring stick for meter wall line (available at stationery) at an altitude of 1 m from the lineup pola.Prislonivshis head, lay your head to the right angle keeping the box from the CD (right angle which is always there in any home.) Hold hand look at the box go away and write the result.

2. Otregulirovat position of the palm of the hand picked nog.Pri position along the body in the position of the head-table must depart nazad.Pri reverse movement to turn back.

3. Duration of employment 5-20 minutes a day (state of health, with fatigue stop lessons!!!)
We deal every day, day and/or evening (by keeping a diary is individually selected duration and number of times a day)
1 2 days a week off.
Day of the body is full of strength and in the evening, you can restore the lost growth for the evening den.K person loses up to 1-2cm. During the night, with good sleep is restored.

We are engaged in an hour when awake (not before) (after sleeping the body should go to full wakefulness), in the evening for an hour before bedtime (from overstimulation may be difficult to fall asleep) . After studying to be a sense of vitality.

4. Uprazhneniya (first measured (write result)):
a. Pokachivaniya in a horizontal position.
b. Povoroty around the axis of the body in the head-down position.
c. Podtyagivaniya torso to the side and back side of the abdomen (the press).
Watch your well-being (not zealously and do not overwork). It is advisable to have someone next to you insured.
Finished classes, measured (recorded results).

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