TV.VREMECHKO: Trainers Palko

TV.VREMECHKO: Trainers Palko

Attention! The sensational discovery. Our cameraman feels the-art simulator for increased growth. It all started with a simple human desire to increase the growth of a centimeter or two. Anatoly S. Palko called us into his room to test a new invention.

This is me - the correspondent of the "Vremechko." The growth of today, at this point, - 157 cm, five millimeters.

This Olesya - trainee.

Anatoly Palko: "Your height - 174 and the same five-tenths."

And this - the pride and glory of the plant operator - Leo Mironovich Ermolaev ten minutes before the fall. Height - 156 and 8.

I Anatoly Semenovich inventions that enhance growth and correcting posture, very much.

Anatoly Palko: "And now we introduce you to the treadmill down and if necessary, correct the curvature of the legs».

Two sticks and a place to sit. The legs are tied, and begin to push.

Anatoly Palko: "You see, a little pulled. And now we begin. Pay attention to the heels, she is drawn to the parquet floor ».

However, the effect would have to wait very long.

Anatoly Palko: "1 millimeter in two months."

Meanwhile, an intern for our Olesya prepared another trainer. If you flip it upside down, then by straightening the spine, you will immediately receive an addition to the growth.

Anatoly Palko: "Good - 8 and 6 inches. But we guarantee the children of 6 cm ».

Video Engineer went to one of the most modern inventions of modern times. Anatoly Stepanovich calls him a toothbrush, because they need to enjoy a day in the evening.

Our operator has assumed the worst, but the most powerful invention. Cuffs with metal hooks for the daily five-minute sag in the air.

Mironovich - a man hard, so tried again on the whole, the turnstile, and, in principle, the invention works. Because Leo Mironovich really grew up ...

«Leo Mironovich, well, since you are there, and there poviseli podrygalis and then you grew up on one and two centimeters».

© 2006 ATV.

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