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I want to study in the School of Growth.

Now we do not hold full-time employment. In the mid-2000s, our main activity was the development and sale of simulators for training at home. An analysis of the previous experience of training on growth revealed that the road to the place of employment and back again, people spend more time than are the lessons. The basic principles of modern techniques of the School of Growth: 1. Classes are small duration of time (10-20 min), 1-2 times a day. Session is terminated in case of fatigue (preferably before the emergence of fatigue) 2. Classes are scheduled (daily, allowed 2.1 days off).

Please tell me: and the increase in the spine does not lead to distortions of legs and torso.

Your personal body proportions remain. The body has the ability to maintain their own body proportions. This fact has been studied Ernst Kretschmer (1888 - 1964) - German psychiatrist and psychologist, founder of the typology of temperaments based on the characteristics of body - «The structure of the body and nature» 1921. «link». We (School of growth) is also seen: that the legs are pulled behind the spine with a delay of up to two years, even if there were no studies directly to the increase in foot.

Hello! Tell me please, is there a limit to the increase in growth with a DS 5? Can I add more than 10 inches in height at constant activities? I ask because I continue to grow, despite what has been added properly.

We guarantee only 5 cm per year in the regular classroom. Many are the result of several months and it suits them.

What is the most effective trainer for the extension of the legs?

For extension of the legs is a simulator Doctor Sport - 1, but only for children under 15 years. (The study of Omsk Medical Academy) "link" adult Sports Doctor - 1 facilitates growth by enhancing the flexibility of the body together with the DS-5. Adults can increase growth while maintaining their own body proportions. Doctor sports-1 at the same time effective in the following cases: 1. Twine (stretching) - very effective. Curvature correction feet - only the reduction of the knees if they are not reduced. Lengthening legs - small adults up to 1 cm per year. Running growth through the development of flexibility. Removal of heavy legs - very effectively. Increased blood circulation in the groin area, the decision of "male" and "female" problems, very efficiently. Forming beautiful lines of the body - is very effective. With the help of a simulator DS-1 can be removed from the abdomen by improving blood circulation in the lower body.

How many trainers are effective, if the growth zone closed?

Some growth zones are open, such as the lumbar spine is constantly exposed to stress and constantly restored. More precisely, all the growth zone from time to time, open that, a person could recover - otherwise he would just be quickly destroyed. Recent example of the effectiveness of our simulator: a young man 25 years of employment for six months (DS 5+1) increased growth from 167 to 171 cm.