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Doctor Sport 3


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It consists of a moving inclined plane with a displaced center of gravity, which is the human body, means fixing the legs to perform the different exercises. Class times adjusted well-being of man, about 5 to 15 minutes.

Designed for:

Rehabilitation of axial loads on the spine;
outflow redistribution of body fluids;
hydrodynamic training vessels of the brain and central nervous system of cavities in which resides in their cerebrospinal fluid with health and prophylactic purposes;
prevention of degenerative disc disease;
increase in growth;
improvement in vision, hearing;
prevention of varicose veins;
prevention of gray hair;
prevention of aging;
improve the overall vitality of the body;
normalization of blood pressure;
improving lymphatic drainage, removing toxins and particles of defective cells damaged;
prevention of vascular disorders of the lower extremities;
improve memory.

The device is designed for all family members, are especially valuable lessons on the simulator to elderly and old age. Also recommended for athletes engaged in heavy physical labor




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Doctor Sport 3

Doctor Sport 3