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With a set of gyms Doctor Sport 5+1 (Doctor Sport 1 and Sport Doctor Sport 5) can increase the growth of up to 5 cm per year with daily activities for 20-30 minutes.

Gym Doctor Sport 1 correlated with the gym Doctor Sport 5 (supplements).

Individually, the effectiveness of these simulators is much lower than the share as Doctor Sport 5 - stretches the spine, and Doctor Sport 1 - strengthens the muscles holding the spine.

Simulator DS-1 included also performs another important function: a monitoring regular classes.

If you do regularly - gradually take the string, if irregular progress in the splits is not (always on the same angle breeding feet).

Together, these simulators give rise (DS-5), and hold the result achieved (DS-1).

The kit includes DS 5+1:
1. Doctor Sport 1;
2. Doctor Sport 5;
3. Meter ruler to measure growth. (Included only in a set of 5+1);
4. 2 screws to attach the line. (Enter only in a set of 5 +1);
5. Anchor bolt for fixing sports trainer Doctor Sport 5 over the doorway.

Doctor Sport 5 can also be mounted on a horizontal bar, if any you have.

Gym DS-5 upgraded in 2012 (current version 5.3).

Pillows were nemnuschiesya, added rubber damper limiter maximum extension, which allows further perform a number of exercises available previously only on the massive gym with loads of 30-40 kg.

What is necessary for good growth:
1. РRegular classes with the diaries. It is impossible to deal with fatigue and deal with no interest for the "show";
2. A good sleep;
3. Comfortable, moderately hard bed;
4. Good food, without starving to maintain slim figure 5. Wellness - a guarantee of good growth.

There are times when there is no growth or even a decrease in growth. This is a period at the end of a long hard season, when reduced immunity and well-being are not particularly vigorous.


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Doctor Sport 5+1

Doctor Sport 5+1