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Lengthening the legs
Correction of the curvature of the legs
Removal of "breeches"
Stretching (string)
Weight Loss
Improvement of the pelvic organs
Improving the lines of the body
Increased sexual activity in women and men

The combined effects of strains and stresses on the joint and ligamentous and muscular system improves coordination, posture and gait. Systematic studies contribute to the lengthening of the legs, preventing vascular disorders of the lower limbs, alleviate women's fertility, a beneficial effect on the treatment of inflammatory processes and other violations of the pelvic region. During the breeding simulator makes the legs stretching legs. It also eliminates the O-shaped curvature of the legs.

Classes are recommended to carry out two or three times a day.


Alternating bending forward toward one leg, other leg, shaking knees, torso twists left and right. Tightening the tensioner (hoist) by one position. Classes are recommended to be split into 3 sets of 10-15 minutes, alternating with short rest periods. On the tape immediately after the tensioner (telpher) can be applied with a ballpoint pen marks progress. In the initial period of occupation of breeding angle down very rapidly. But we should not hurry, the main focus on quality exercises. We should not lose optimism, when the rate of dilution of the legs is reduced - this is normal. In the case of absenteeism, return to the breeding of smaller angle - this is normal and correct. During the occupation of any exercise to make them a little better, but regularly, than to commit one day sudden effort, and then a week to do nothing. So in this case it is important regular classes .. should be in good spirits - the effectiveness of this will increase dramatically. Sharp pain allowed. Before removing the simulator make one or two "clicks" hoist - a reserve for the next day of class.

With the rifle tensioner (hoist) is connected to the seat belt goes from the rod is inserted into the slit drum tensioner. Choosing (pulling) a tape, make a few turns with the lever hoist. To release the tape from the hoist to pull the thumb of U-shaped plate inside lever hoist lever to deploy and 180 degrees, then pull the tape. It is recommended to explore the work of the hoist.

Download method.


How to insert a tape into the hoist

How to pull the tape

Mounting feet

Locking legs

Lean to the left

Forward bend

Forward bend

Squeeze dog

Spin dogs

Pull the tape



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Doctor Sport 1

Doctor Sport 1