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Intended for:

lateral and diagonal stretching of the spine;
increase in growth; correct posture;
correction of the curvature of their feet and lengthening;
correct body lines, preventing degenerative disc disease and general health;
weight loss.

The simulator consists of a frame made of interconnected joints of four identical bars, in working form a parallelogram. At the ends of the rods to secure the hinge arms and legs. In the perpendicular direction is to draw the belt tensioning device.

«Doctor Sport 2» also applies to devices intended for complex effects on the human body. Although the simulator structurally quite simple, it is designed for a wide spectrum of programs that can be used with a view to improving health, both at home and in the gyms, clinics, hospitals. Classes are held 1-2 times a day for 15-20 minutes.


Doctor Sport-2 instruction

Methods of application of the simulator:

For direct spinal traction legs Velcro fastened on the ankles, on the opposite end of the parallelogram mounting arm grab, like ski poles for better retention.

Tapes for tension are inserted into the axle natyagivatelya (hoist) and secured at opposite corners of a parallelogram, wrap tape on the axle natyagivatelya (hoist) leads to a lengthening of the distance between the tops of the device that provides spinal traction. Stretching can be done lying on your back. Or on the stomach and combine it with massage and wellness.

For lateral stretching of the spine arm and a leg attached to one side, and then produce a belt tension with natyagivatelya (hoist).

For the stretching of the spine on the diagonal right arm and left leg is fixed in the grips of the.

For the stretching of the spine on the diagonal right hand and left to achieve success as soon as possible classes are recommended for 20 minutes 2-3 times a day. Healthy people as a prophylactic measure sufficient training 1-2 times a week for 15-20 minutes.

Athletes and people whose work involves heavy physical labor, training should be carried out after every intense workout and exercise because after them, the growth is reduced by more than 2 cm compared with data growth in the morning or after long rest.

In persons over 40 years it is desirable to measure the growth of at least two or three times a year. The indications for these studies serve to reduce the growth of more than 2.5-3 cm, compared with an increase in the 18-25 years.









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Doctor Sport 2

Doctor Sport 2